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Writing Tricks

Create this cool mini Writing Tricks book

for children to use as an aid for their writing. Each trick will help them use a variety of writing skills to us in their writing. The book allows a quick reminder for all children of the key elements of writing, with an example of the trick in a sentence and then more ideas for their own writing.

writing tricks downloadTop Tip:

To encourage the children to use the tricks book and use a variety of tricks in their writing, I ask the children to note in the margin the trick they have used! -

You can also set the Steps to Success to "Use Writing Trick 13 - Use a clause" - Then the children have an example of how to use clauses.

Easy to create

Simply trim around each pair of pages (horizontal e.g. trick 1 and trick 2), then crease along the centre fold so each pages are back to back. Laminate each pair of pages separately because they'll last longer with a laminated margin and then slice.

Note: the front cover and contents page appear 3 times on the last sheet in the pdf, so for 3 books (to save paper).