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Supporting parents, schools and professionals with children who have learning, social, emotional, behaviour, mental health, needs and disabilities


Sensory Needs

boy with over sensitivityHave you ever thought a child did 'odd' things? You know!... those children putting everything in their mouth... from chomping on pen lids and dried pasta, to licking door handles and the rubber pe mats to shouting at and hugging friends too hard or bouncing down the corridors and into the canteen... did you ever suspect that they may have a sensory needs?

This simple audit allows you to focus in on the need... identify their hyposensitivity or hypersenitivity and call the right person for help! Probably an Occcupational Therapist but the information gathered may assist the Communication and Autism Team too!

Visit http://sendco.co.uk/index.php/conditions/9-conditions/14-sensory-audit.html