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Therapeutic Putty

therapeutic putty fine finger motor skillsSqueezing, pulling, squishing, pushing, rolling and moulding are fabulous ways to increase fine motor skills. The importance of strengthening the small muscles of the hands is worth every minute of time spent. Look for items and games that provide resitance.

Therapeutic putty

The carefully formulated therapeutic putty exeercises the hands and fingers, with consistent resistance, for how ever long you work with it.The yellow putty is perfect for KS1 and KS2, providing just the right amount of resistance to work those muscles. Just give it a go yourself to see how tough the exercises can be.


Theraputic putty is bleed-proof, nontoxic, clean, non-oily and will not leave a residue on hands, furntiure or clothing. It will however pick up dirt on hand or fluff of carpets, so be warned - it's worth making the extra effort to keep it clean!